Catch rope / grime treningstau

Grimetreningstau / "Catch rope"

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Marty skriver:

"Llamas and alpacas are highly dependent on their ability to move away from danger. Use the corner-grab-hold approach to catching your animal and you will teach your animals to run from you whenever they get the opportunity. The Catch rope/ Halter Training Rope can be used alone in a variety of ways (see the Camelid Companion) but when used with a Catching Wand the results are dramatic. Using a wand and catch rope allows you to desensitize an animal to your approach. It will help you teach your animal to override his flight response and remain standing while you approach. Taking the time to teach your animals to have confidence pays you back every time you work with them whether or not it is in the show ring or trimming toenails. If you have an animal that is difficult to catch, kicks, spits, kushes or screams the catch rope and catching wand are the secrets to change.

The rope is hand spliced high quality marine nylon rope, come in white only."