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Innsamlingsbånd / Hearding tape - Zephyr

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Marty skriver:

"If you have ever struggled with getting animals from a large area to a smaller one and wished you could quickly build a fence the Herding Tape is the answer to your wish. The herding tape is 40 feet(12 m) long with a quick attachment system so that you can attach one end to a gate, tree or fence post and construct a quick lane way. A word of caution this is not a tool for trapping animals in a corner!  The herding tape is designed to create a lane way to an area that is large enough to be comfortable (20x 20 or larger) from there you can use herding wands to ease animals into a smaller area like a catch pen.  

*Herding tape is not the tool to attempt to herd animals into a small catch pen or to trap animals in a corner. "