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Marty skriver: 

"Always on the lookout for new and innovative products we discovered a new kind of hand shear and they quickly became the most popular option on the market.  This new type of shear is more like scissors and is largely self sharpening. We have now discovered a variation on that theme makes the Arsenis shears even better! The Arsenis shears offer the same benefits as the previous product but also feature a tension screw.  Because camelid owners are shearing a wide variety of fleece types a feature that allows you to vary the tension is very helpful.  These shears are lightweight, easy to use, and stay sharp for a long time.  Easy to care for after use, wipe with a dry cloth(not wet), lubricate with a lightweight oil store, wrap in a cloth and store in a dry place.

Are you ready for a paradigm shift in shearing? I have been hand shearing since the early 80’s and have used many different brands of hand shears these Arsenis shears are the absolute best tool for the job! At 10 ounces they are light and extremely easy to use. The 6″ carbon steel blades are extremely sharp and so easy to use it feels like you are using a much shorter blade. The double bow design make them much more efficient. And the very best news… they are largely self sharpening! With heavy use they will need a bit of touching up but sharpening them doesn’t require special equipment or special shear sharpening experience. Touch them up with an oil stone or diamond steel yourself."